Katalysator FIA 104mm

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    Motorsport Specific Cat

    FIA Approved

    Less Flow Restriction

    63.5MM , 2.5 Inch

    These 100 cell catalytic converters from Redback are designed specifically for motorsport use and carry an FIA homologation. They are suitable for petrol engined vehicles only and offer far less exhaust flow restriction than an original equipment cat which releases more power and torque.

    Constructed from stainless steel with a threaded boss and blanking plug for fitting a Lambda sensor.

    Available in 104mm and 127mm case diameters. 300mm Overall length

    FIA approved - the homologation number is stamped on the casing for scrutineering purposes.

    • DMSB Approved

    • FIA Approved

    • Maximum operating temperature 1600 celcius

    • Designed for petrol-engined production based sports cars, specialist production cars and kit cars.

    • Mantle length 115mm. Overall length 295mm

    OOK ALLE ANDERE MATEN LEVERBAAR, BEL OF MAIL VOOR INFO NAAR: 0475 595220 / 0654365670 info@luytenautosport.nl

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