DCOE - 190 X 190 X 40 SQUARE

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    Lengte: 190mm

    Breedte: 190mm

    Hoogte: 55mm
    (interne hoogte 40mm)

    Moet gemonteerd worden op een C3000 serie backplate

    The PX300 range is perfect for both single and twin carburettors setups, with a range of tailored base plates to suit most carburettor applications this will solve your engine breathing issues, whether the vehicle is used on the road or the track.

    To choose the correct filter for your engine please select the height as per your requirements, it is always best to choose the largest possible filter to get the maximum air flow. Remember to leave at least 20mm between the end of the trumpet/carburettor inlet and the inside of the filter.

    The length (190mm) and the width (190mm inc tabs) of the filter remain the same, there are 7 different heights to choose from.

    Prijs€ 54,20