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    Malpassi 1:1 Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Replacing the standard fuel pressure regulator with an adjustable one yuo can improve performances of the standard injection system. It has been designed to provide a stable fuel pressure together with high flow, under any driving conditions. For street cars and soft tuning. Our regulator is manufactured in special alloy casting. Each item is assembled by hand and tested for the max precision in working.

    For applications on aspirated a/o turbocharged engines

    1:1 air/fuel rate

    Compatible with alcoholed fuel (E85)

    1 x IN connector, 8 mm tail

    1 x OUT/RETURN connector, 8 mm tail

    1 x vacuum a/o boost connector, 5 mm tail, on 6x1 mm threaded port

    Adjustable between 1-5 Bar

    Prijs€ 136,00